Three seconds is all you’ve got to grab someones full attention!
So how do you do this when your outfits are designed for men with discerning taste expected to spend over a grand per outfit?
This was the question we had to deal with when we met up with Sam, head designer at Julien Trivedi. He wanted something to reflect the essence of his designs and the workmanship involved. These were outfits designed for selected clients of his and the imagery had to reflect the style these people ooze!

As usual, we belief in listening to our clients demands and fulfilling these accordingly.
Our concept had an editorial feel to it expressing the possible lifestyles his clients live or aspire to.These included an urban scene and a relaxed/sociable environment. A quick call to the lovely girls at City Rooms fixed our demand for a set with a relaxed but yet sociable ambiance. 

We cast for suitable models and couldn’t be happier with our choices. Overall, the day went really well but can’t fail to mention the attention we drew once Mark (model) started undressing right in streets of Leicester to change outfits! Those lucky ladies…
Sam was a joy to work with and we look forward to more of his fabulous designs. In his words: “thanks for your help with this project and your expertise, you brought your ‘a’ game and smashed it; the shots were beyond my expectations, they look so eye catching, different and natural at the same time…very impressed”. Aw what a kind man! We wish Sam and his team all the best.

Hope you like the pictures as much we do! Till next time; remain FABULOUS…
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2 thoughts on “When High Fashion Shoot Met High-End Bespoke Tailoring.”

  • Victoria Steele
    27 September 2010

    these look amazing, fit for the pages of a magazine, reminds me of the adverts in Asiana.

  • Lighthouse Fashion
    27 September 2010

    Very nice of you to say Victoria. Regards


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