We’ve shot for Jayliz Clothing for 3 consecutive years and have always been very impressed with their fabulous designs. Their intricate use of African fabrics in a contemporary way as always been flattery and avant-garde in it’s own right. 
This year, they wanted something totally different and unique to their outfits. We were to shoot at Brighton Beach to create the right summery feeling. Arrangements were made, date was fixed, models booked and the team was ready to act. Couldn’t have chosen a better weekend; (at least we thought), as it was suppose to be the hottest weekend so far! Unfortunately, it wasn’t!

The beach was so cloudy and misty you would be forgiven to think it was early January. Never the less, we weren’t going to let the British weather dampen our spirits; the party must continue! We shot for most of the day and as we were about to finish, guess what happened? It started to get sunny! 

Luckily enough we told the models to bring some bikini along and after ending JayLiz shoot, we decided to take advantage of the situation and shoot the models (not literally) in their bikini. Keep your eyes out for these rather HOT pictures.

Amazingly, our digital artist was able to make the pictures look so fabulous you wouldn’t think we had any issues with the weather. We’ve put a picture up of what it really looked like for you to see. Guess there is nothing we can’t handle!
Our client was so happy with the result and couldn’t believe how we managed to turn such a bitter weather to a glorious summer day! We’re very clever people and that’s why we’re called ‘Lighthouse’ Fashion!

Till next time remain forever F A B U L O U S…

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1 thought on “JayLiz Clothing Strikes a Pose at Brighton Beach.”

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    27 July 2010

    Great shoot well done to all involved…


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