Not too long ago, we had the privilege of working with a really talented lingerie designer.

Eleanor Worthy is the creative brain behind Amoureuse Lingerie where you can buy luxurious & elegant silk bridal lingerie and corsets. Some of her pieces were Swarovski personalised briefs and garters, so it really was a project we were excited to get our claws in. 
We worked closely with another team of creative heads (19Grams), who were tasked with the duty of managing the project. So it was a refreshing experience having both teams working hand in hand to see the successful launch of the ‘Amoureuse’ brand. We provided the fabulous model, and of course our talented photography team (i.e make up artist, styling & fashion photography).

Below are some pictures from the shoot and you can now enjoy viewing these pictures in full usage on

Fabulous Yours…

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