International Fashion Photography Part 1 – Morocco

We are no strangers to shooting abroad, and were recently involved in a full fashion production which took place in Marrakesh, Morocco. The production involved a complete expert team including models, photographer, styling team and a location scout. 

Morocco has fast become a favourite spot for fashionistas, editorial shoots, commercial productions and films; which is no surprise because Morocco is a country rich in culture, boasts glorious weather and proudly shows off its majestic architecture. 

Due to the complexity involved in the organisation of a large scale production abroad, we’ve decided to compile our 10 most important things to consider when planning a shoot away from home soil. 

10. Research and choose a country to suit your brand/ image/ campaign.

9. Find a reliable team with suitable experience. This team should involve your photographer, model, makeup artist, hair stylist, fashion stylist etc.

8. Have a fixed budget but be flexible in case of unexpected costs.

7. Generate and stick with a fixed concept throughout to ensure you get the best out of your time there.

6. Models – do you want to bring your model with you or book one in the country you’re shooting?


5. Make sure you have contact with a local guide who has great knowledge of your location in order to make the most of where you are, local points of interest and things to note. 

4. Find out the best way to move around between locations. Some locations are inaccessible by cars therefore great thought must be put into this when moving around a team and all the equipment necessary for the shoot.

3. Be conscious of the weather. Foreign climate is different to what you’ll be used to so take the right clothing and advise your team on last minute weather changes before you leave. 

2. Gaining permission. As an example, Morocco has strict laws on photography in public areas. In cases like this, permission must be sought from the government in order for a shoot to take place . Make sure you gain relevant permits from authoritative bodies, or checking with the foreign office before booking.

1. Have fun and enjoy the experience of shooting in another country surrounded by different cultures. 

Photographer: Michael Ilori | Fashion by: Kaftan Queen | Make Up: Taoufiq Elmasnaoui | Hair: Sophie Torre | Model: Ausrine Abaramaityte | Location: Palais Sebban – Marrakech Morocco | Production: Lighthouse Fashion


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