The True Cost Of Effective Product Photography

Recently, we were commissioned by a local e-retailer to photograph a number of items they sold online. The difference this time was that, we were shooting their low-ticket items (Jewellery RRP £3-£6 | Bags RRP £25-£30 ) with the task of producing catchy images whilst keeping a simplistic feel.

In a market where buyers are more image savvy and with advancement in mobile technology/internet accessibility, online retailers cannot afford to be complacent with their product imagery because the difference between converting a potential customer into sales is only a tap away and 1st impressions really do count.

With these factors in mind, we produced a number of impactful images including a series of product cinematography that would give the products increased selling potential and in essence, a much higher ROI than initially anticipated.

Although we are used to providing product photography for items with much higher price value, it was refreshing to see the final results from these items which hopefully re-enforces the fact that obtaining quality e-commerce or product shots is always worth the investment.

Till next time, remain FABULOUS!

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