Summer Beauty Trends of 2019

The new beauty trends for summer that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. Do-able and trendy!

Thick and dark eyebrows 

Brow obsession is real! The thicker the better!
 If thin eyebrows were in the trend back in the 90s, now it’s all about the combed thick eyebrow look. It’s strange to think that thin eyebrows have not yet made a comeback like the chunky platform shoes, neon coloured outfits and vintage apparels that we have seen come back in trend from 80’s and 90s.
Do you think thin eyebrows will ever make a comeback?

Bright Eyeshadow

Give your eyes a pop of colour! One of the most popular beauty trend this summer.
This summer is all about being bright and bold. Express yourself with multiple colours and feel the colours brighten up your day. 
With neon clothing back in trend from the 80s, it’s a perfect time for you to match your outfits to your eyeshadow. Let your artistic ability shine through!
No eyeliner! A little mascara and a splash of neon eyeshadow and you’re good to go – also a perfect look for beauty photography.


Rosey Cheeks

Flushed cheeks used to be considered a sign of embarrassment and people often used layers of foundation to cover their red tones but not anymore, according to the current beauty trend.
This trend is set out to make you look younger and refreshed even on your bad days.
Dab a bit of blusher on your cheekbone, right above your contoured hollow cheek area and you are good to go!


Glass skin is the up and coming new trend of this summer.

The term “Glass Skin” metaphorically means skin as smooth, clear and shiny as a piece of glass. This trend first started in the Korean beauty community and it didn’t take long for it to go viral on a global scale.

We nailed this dewy skin look during a commercial shoot for a jewellery brand – very much like “Glass skin”.


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