Top Tips To Achieving Top Beauty Photography – Revealed! 

 Let’s be honest! We’ve all seen those beautiful faces in magazines and campaigns being plastered all over the media – and you’ve probably wondered the secrets behind the stunning photographs.

As we offer beauty photography to a variety of clients, we unravel the top tips in achieving the best beauty photography – whether it’s for commercial or editorial purposes. 

Right Model & Poses 

 Choose the right model by finding one that fits your project! Be open to choices and don’t just go for the generic traditional ‘beauty’ kind of look (unless if that’s the mission). Prior to booking your model, find out how photogenic your model is by looking through his/her portfolio or arrange a test shoot if they’re new in the industry.  Looking good in real life doesn’t necessarily mean they will be photogenic!  Have a mood board in place for poses & direction to ensure your shoot runs smoothly.

 Professional Makeup & Hair Styling 

 Hire a professional makeup and hair artist! Regardless of how easy or minimal the makeup/hairstyle may be, you should always use a professional to achieve the best result. Explain the brief to them and project your ideas/thoughts. Always allow them to use their own creative flare, listen to suggestions and give them plenty of time ahead of the shoot to prepare a moodboard. Professional hair and makeup will also save you a lot of time during post production. 

Camera Equipment 

Yes, knowing how your camera functions is more important than how expensive it is. However, nothing beats the sharpness and crystal clarity of a professional camera.  Choose macro lens to precisely capture all the details. Use a back drop that’s going to compliment the subject and not overpower it. Plan ahead and think about the lighting, props, compositions, backgrounds and  poses.



During a beauty photoshoot, lighting plays a huge part in your end result. Some of the tools to consider are beauty dish,  soft-boxes, bounce boards, reflector, umbrellas etc. These tools will allow you to accentuate models’ beautiful features and highlight all the contoured areas.


Post Production

In order to achieve the same standard of images you’ve seen in those glossy magazines, you will need to have your pictures porfissinal retouched. Although this is a very time consuming process that can take years to master, the final result is always worth the effort, Luckily, with over 10yrs experience in the fashion photography industry, we’re able to achieve all these in-house.  Do not despair though if you are not competent at retouching just yet, as you can outsource this task if your budget permits it. 


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