The Benefits Of Destination Photo Shoot For Your Brand!
Did you know that shooting your campaign abroad can supercharge your brand awareness and success in an unprecedented way? 

Lighthouse Fashion Evening Dress Campaign Shoot in Paris

Trying to constantly make your brand stand out and come up with new strategies to stay relevant in a crowded niche is never easy! If your dream is to build a well-known fashion brand, then you might need to rethink your strategy.
Lighthouse Fashion Swimwear Campaign Shoot in Sydney 
The benefits of having your brand campaign shoot abroad are endless. Luckily we provide a very cost-effective way to achieve this. Here are a few reasons why international campaign shoots are a must for the longevity of your fashion brand.

Brand Awareness

Having a destination photo with your brand outfit/product go viral on a social media platform such as Instagram can have an unimaginable benefit to your brand, as there is simply no better organic way to boost your brand awareness! A destination photo shoot will provide you with stunning images to showcase your collection online – driving huge audience to your brand. 

Aspirational Images

Shooting your campaign abroad gives you aspirational images that your target audience will relate with and since aspirational images sell dreams; you can be rest assured that your marketing objectives will be easier to manage and achieve. 

First Impressions

The phrase: β€œYou never get a second chance to make a first impression” is one we always advice our clients to consider when planning their campaign shoot. With so many other brands competing to grab the attention of your potential customer, it’s very crucial to do all you can for your brand images to stand out.
Destination campaign shoots have certainly been proven time and time again to help capture the attention of potential customers. Reason why established brands use this methodology in their marketing plan. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Location Flexibility

Shooting abroad gives your brand the flexibility and opportunity to use a variety of destination locations you can be rest assured your competitors won’t have immediate access to. 
If you want your fashion brand to look unique and aspirational, then having a destination photo shoot in unique locations will certainly achieve that. 
Lighthouse Fashion offers production shoot abroad in over 10 amazing locations in a cost effective way to a small number of brands throughout the year. See how your brand can benefit too.
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