The Role Of Travel Photography & Social Media In Fashion
What helps you decide on your next travel destination? 
Living in a fast-paced, internet-fuelled society; it has been noted that Social Media platforms (mainly Instagram) play an integral role in deciding our next holiday destination! We choose our destinations based upon other people’s opinions, more specifically influencers’ contents/comments. For some millennials, their sole purpose of a travel/holiday is to capture stunning photographs to then be showcased all over their social media feed. Relatable or not?

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The importance of brand collaboration with social media influencers and travel photography.

Social media influencers have a huge reach of audience built upon trust and loyalty. Their impact on their audience is so strong that almost anything they promote, their audiences will buy-into without any hesitation.

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Social media management and influencer marketing are vital to any fashion brand wanting to reach out to a wider scale of audience. Through influencer collaboration, brands are not only able to reach out to the influencer’s audience but also gain their trust.

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By understanding the importance of social influencers in relation to fashion brands, we can find the perfect influencer for your brand’s demographic. We do not only ensure that the influencer has organic followers but has a high engagement ratio/post. Effective brand collaboration with influencers will generate high sales for any brand and expand your brand’s reach.

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Along with finding the right influencers to target your market audience, shooting in great travel locations will give your brand that extra popularity boost. Travel photography for a brand is vital purely for the reasons of standing out and leaving a great first impression on your potential consumers. The combination of a social influencer and travel photography in fashion marketing is a sure way to boost your brand’s marketing goals. In a competitive market niche with new fashion brands launching every minute, it is very important to make the right 1st impressions.

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Recent studies showed that there are 800 million monthly active users on Instagram. We are a part of that 800 million!

People are more likely to take fashion inspiration and be influenced by influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram as it is much more accessible and relatable than on runways or magazines.

Influencer collaboration and travel photography will no doubt earn your fashion brand a huge following and engagement on social media platforms resulting in higher profit margins and brand awareness.

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We offer fashion brands the opportunity to shoot abroad in over 10 different destinations all year round in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. See how your brand can benefit.

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