The Top 5 Spring/Summer Fashion Ad Campaigns of 2019

Spring/Summer is considered the most joyful seasons of the year. Sunshine, warm weather and light clothes are all the exciting things that come to our minds. During this time of the year, luxury fashion brands love to heat things up by releasing their exciting ad campaigns. 
Here are my Top 5 Spring/Summer AD campaigns of this year! Ready to get your mind blown away?


The reunion between the photographer Tim Walker and the brand Kate Spade New York is what makes this campaign extra special and iconic. 
With involvement of the new Creative Director, Nicola Glass – she focuses on expressive and optimistic femininity. This campaign is full of floral patterns and spring colours – relaying the positive and happy message.
“I’ve realised that what I do makes people happy. It brings them joy.” – says Nicola Glass. 
Actresses Kiki Layne, Sadie Sink and Julia Garner were the models used for this campaign. The diverse models all conveyed a sense of individuality whilst also complimenting each other during this campaign shoot.
‘They were optimistic, free-spirited and happy’ – says Nicola Glass (Creative Director).
Photo: Tim Walker/Courtesy of Kate Space New York
Creative Director: Nicola Glass


KENZO Spring/Summer 2019 campaign with its’ energetic prints and exploding colours, is the campaign that’ll stay with you forever. The colourful clothing and abstract images in this campaign put together by Creative Directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim teamed up with photographer and filmmaker David LaChapelle, conveys a strong message.
“The utopic and  heavenly looking, natural spots were all shot in Maui. It felt great to just step into KENZO’s world and take another look at utopia with Humberto and the team at KENZO. The result is a really great glimpse of this world. Referencing my own pictures in this sort of surreal way serves it really well,” says David LaChapelle.
Photo: David LaChapelle/Courtesy of KENZO
Creative Directors: Humberto Leon and Carol Lim
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Robert Cavalli’s Spring/Summer campaign makes it to the Top 5 list due to the powerful contrast between two completely opposite subjects; the masculine energy (conveyed through the desert setting and animal prints) and the femininity (conveyed through the model wearing feminine style dress and heeled boots). 
Shot by exceptionally talented photographer duo Mert & Marcus in the dusky desert with model, Kendall Jenner. The campaign is shot in a natural environment with sandy, jungle-like backdrop. 
The setting compliments the model’s looks as she plays protagonist with her bold printed dress and wet hair – giving off the animalistic vibe; which was all made possible by the Creative Director, Paul Surridge. 
Photo: Mert and Marcus/Courtesy of Robert Cavalli
Creative Director: Paul Surridge
A while ago, Lighthouse Fashion photography team produced a fashion film called “Desert Heat” – which was also shot in the desert just like this campaign.


Marni Spring/Summer 2019 Campaign is serving us some real Mona Lisa vibes – I’m absolutely in love with it! 
This iconic ad campaign is the result of team work between the exceptionally talented Fashion Photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, Styling by Camilla Nickerson, Art Direction by Giovanni Bianco & GB65, Production by Sylvia Farago with British Model Jess Maybury. 
Photographs taken at the Musée Bourdelle in Paris, the sculpture studio of French artist Antoine Bourdelle – this campaign takes inspiration from Flemish paintings. 
The classic statue-like poses, gestures, clothing and facial expressions conveys the message of art and muse.
Photo: Jamie Hawkesworth/Courtesy of Marni 
Art Direction: Giovanni Bianco & GB65


The last spring/summer campaign of 2019 that makes it into the Top 5 list is Burberry. 
When it comes to Burberry, disappointment is not in their dictionary! Campaign after campaign they never fail to disappoint – I’m thoroughly impressed. 
Whilst staying true to the brand’s core message and British heritage, Burberry has launched an ad campaign reflecting the diverse and multicultural society of the UK.
“The thing that excites me the most about Burberry is how inclusive it is—it appeals to everyone no matter their age, their social standing, their race, their gender,” – said Riccardo Tisci. 
Collective of photographers who took part in their first ever Burberry Campaign shoot were Nick Knight, Dank Steiner, Hugo Comte,  Colin Dodgson, Peter Langer, and Letty Schmiterlow. 
Photo: Nick Knight/Courtesy of Burberry 
Artistic Direction: Riccardo Tisci.
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