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Fashion Film &
Video Productions

  • Story Boarding & Scripting

  • Model/Talent Scout

  • Location Hire & Permits

  • Catering & Logistics

  • Post Production & Editing

  • Video Seeding

Are you looking to engage more with your customers and reach a larger audience through video?

At Lighthouse Fashion Studio, our aim is to create unique, original and engaging films that will raise more awareness for your product, services or brand. Combining over 15yrs experience in fashion photography and video production, we’re able to provide you with sophisticated and effective commercial videos.

We listen hard and work harder to achieve your desired video production goals – never forgetting the key messages you want your audience to know. We make producing your fashion film a stress free, straight forward and affordable experience because we’re able to shoot simultaneously alongside your photoshoot, whereby avoiding double set-up fee cost.

Social media outreach and engagement are major marketing targets for fashion brands looking to raise their brand awareness and sales. From story boarding to creative video editing, we work hand in hand to ensure your requirements and briefs are attained. We also offer advice on the best formats to utilise your fashion film either for offline or online marketing and how to effectively distribute/seed your video.

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